The David Yale Prize


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Whereas a sum of money has been raised by subscription to found a prize in honour of Mr. D.E.C. Yale, FBA, sometime Literary Director and President of the Selden Society, the Council of the Society have made the following regulations to govern the award of the David Yale Prize until further notice:

1. The sum so subscribed, together with any additions thereto made from time to time, shall be invested by the Treasurer and known as the David Yale Prize Fund.

2. In 1999 and in every alternate year thereafter a Prize may be awarded from the income of the Fund to a young scholar for a distinguished contribution to the history of the laws and legal institutions of England and Wales.

3. The amount of the Prize shall be determined by the Council from time to time, and announced before submissions are invited.

4. The Prize shall be awarded by the Council on the advice of a Prize Committee appointed by them.

5. No application shall be necessary, but the Council may advertise their intention to award a Prize and invite potential candidates to submit work which they wish to be considered and to declare their age.

6. The Committee may take into account (a) books (including editions of texts), contributions to books, and articles in periodicals, published within the previous two years; (b) unpublished material, whether or not it has been accepted for publication, provided that it does not exceed 40,000 words in length including notes.

7. Save in special circumstances, the Prize shall not be awarded to anyone who was over the age of 35 at the time when the work was published or, in the case of unpublished work, when it was submitted to the Committee.

8.If the Council consider two or more candidates to be of equal merit, they may divide the Prize between them or (if sufficient income is available) award more than one prize.

9. Any income of the Fund which is not expended in any year shall be accumulated by investment or otherwise, and any such accumulation shall, at the discretion of the Council, either be applied as income in a subsequent year so as to enable more than one Prize to be awarded or added to the capital of the Fund.

Selden Society 1999